What started with a one-time project in a shed in 2013 turned into a real business and a shop a couple of years later. Since may 2016 Fietslab Groningen we are located in Groningen, nowadays at Travertijnstraat 12 (Follow the signs).

The desire to reuse vintage racing frames and parts and turn them into something great is the philosophy of Fietslab Groningen, as well as experimenting with new materials, different combinations and integrating the ideas of customers into the process of building bikes. Fietslab Groningen is the place where we can try new things, explore and go beyond what we know to create the best racing bikes possible.

For more information about previous and current projects check out Instagram (@fietslabgroningen). Or come by the shop at Travertijnstraat 12 in Groningen to get inspired and look at the possibilities to build your own customized vintage racing bike.

fietslab groningen

In the Netherlands Sinterklaas is celebrated on the 5th of December. As a tradition, family members or friends make so-called ‘surprises’ for another person, almost a present itself in which you integrate the actual present. Long before the owner of Fietslab Groningen, Korné Boekholt, had established his business, he got the house below as a ‘surprise’ from his sister. The name fit so well that he decided to name his business Fietslab Groningen.